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Greeting can be an awkward yet comical event for plenty of people, although for some these awkward experiences might result in feeling insecure and like they do not fit in. How simple physical gestures between people have a notable influence on our behaviour and feelings is interesting, why do we worry about such seemingly mundane encounters?

Discomfortzone is a concept for a collaborative platform that collects stories of uncomfortable encounters surrounding greeting rituals. It is an effort to commemorate the greeting in times of COVID-19 when the ‘normal’ way of greeting seems obsolete. It helps to reflect on behaviour and notice the similarities between greetings others might have.

It shows that these awkward experiences happen almost everywhere, that it happens to nearly everyone and that these awkward situations have patterns too. It invites the user to look at the similarities and learn from each other and perhaps notice that these patterns can change for a more comfortable future.

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